Professionalism of women in the workplace clubwear. In the aesthetics of modern clothing, beige is often used in the clothing design of the workplace because of its intellectual beauty and simple style. Beige is a little more elegant and warm than white, which improves affinity, but it is softer and purer than black, avoiding excessive solemn and solemn.
This clothing collocation principle is also a very common one in modern clothing collocation. Through the difference in version, people can get a certain modification of their figure, and at the same time make the overall clubwear collocation more fashionable.

For example, a pair of slim cropped jeans is paired with a bat-shaped T-shirt, which is a very typical outfit that is wide at the top and tight at the bottom. This kind of collocation is also very fashionable, and at the same time it can make people’s body more perfect.
If you really don’t understand the strong color matching of some clothing, then this same color matching is actually a good choice. For example, if you are all black, one is white, etc., as long as the tailoring of the clothing has a sense of design, the overall clothing collocation will also have a strong sense of fashion. The principle of clothing collocation is also very simple.
Small lapel black silk bow-tie shirt, simple, fashionable and sweet design, careful design, slightly loose version, very inclusive, with a slimming effect, with a black short skirt, versatile fashion, short style , It is easy to wear long-legged effect, which looks very tall and slender. The small man can easily drive the slave.